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Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2012 [23-05-2012]

Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2012

Team Eco Veículo achieved the first place amongst iberian teams in the 28th edition of the Eco-marathon Europe, held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on May 16-19.

This year, for the first time, the challenge was held on city streets which generally lead teams away from a more ideal set of racing conditions and, consequently, higher performances from previous years. The competition attracted more than 3000 students divided by about 250 teams.

Eco Veículo achieved a performance equivalent to traveling 1845 km with one liter of fuel, reaching the fourth place in the gasoline powered prototype class, and fifth overall.

Eco-marathon 2011, fourth place and a new iberian record [28-05-2011]


Eco-marathon Europe 2011 is now over. In the last three days, 183 teams were present on track, in a competition that showcases, every year, technological innovations and new concepts, created by students and teachers, worldwide, in an effort to provide a more ecological future for all. This year, Eco Veículo improved its performance once again. Four valid runs were made, with the best performance being achieved with 2568 Km travelled, with the equivalent to 1 Liter of unleaded fuel (95 octanes). Amongst the unleaded fuel powered engines, the XC20i classified 3rd. In the overall, it classified 4th and set a new iberian record.

Eco-marathon 2011 [27-05-2011]

Eco-marathon Europe 2011

End of day 2 of the Eco-marathon 2011. Technical difficulties prevented the XC20i from improving yesterday's performance, which allowed Finland's Remmi-Team, to place itself in front of the Eco Veículo, both in petrol and overall classification. Tomorrow will be the final day of competition.

Eco-marathon 2011 [26-05-2011]

Eco-marathon Europe 2011

Day 1 of the Eco-marathon Europe 2011 is almost over. Eco Veículo's prototype XC20i, travelled a distance equivalent to 2568 Km/L, breaking its previous (iberian) record for over 100 Km. At the moment, the team is in 2nd place (petrol class) and 3rd overall.

Eco Veículo exhibited at Portugal Tecnológico 2010 and AutoClássico 2010 [08-11-2010]

Technological Portugal 2010 [19-09-2010]

Eco Veículo, the iberian record holding team, in fuel economy competitions, will have exhibited its current prototype (XC20i) at the Feira Internacional de Lisboa (FIL), fitting the 2010 edition of the Portugal Tecnológico ("Technological Portugal") scope. This year, the theme of the largest national show of technology and innovation is "Portugal e o futuro" ("Portugal and the future"), promising the presentation of bigger innovative character solutions, in areas such as Electric Mobility, Renewable Energies, Health and Education.

The XC20i, Eco Veículo's current prototype, will be present at this event, which will take place between the 22nd and the 26th of September, at the Feira Internacional de Lisboa (FIL).

Eco Veículo exhibited at Museu do Caramulo

SIC coverage: [14-07-2010]

Another race, another record [01-07-2010]

Shell Eco-marathon Youth Challenge UK 2010

Team Eco Veículo participated in the Shell Eco-marathon Youth Challenge UK 2010, held on 29-30 June at Rockingham Motor Speedway, United Kingdom. 52 teams registered for this event and team Eco Veículo was, once again, present. Eco Veículo achieved a performance equivalent to travelling 2427 Km with one liter of fuel, obtaining the 1st place in gasoline class, 2nd place on the overall classification and setting a new iberian record.

TIM 05 (UPS-INSA) won the competition beating the world record of ethanol powered vehicles with 3351 km/L.

Shell Eco-Marathon Europe 2010 [08-05-2010]

Shell Eco-marathon 2010

Lausitz's Eurospeedway, a racetrack located in Germany, was home of the Shell Eco‑marathon Europe 2010.

With a performance of 2204,4 km/L, team Eco Veículo placed 2nd in the internal combustion engine class and 8th overall

Team Eco Veículo displays his prototype in several exhibitions [17-03-2010]

Over the next few months, you can view the prototype of Team Eco Veículo in many initiatives. Between March 19 and September 5, the car that traveled 2307 kilometers with one liter of fuel, will be on display in places like the Dolce Vita Coimbra or Caramulo Museum. The team, who detains the Iberian Fuel Economy record, consisting of teachers and students of the Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, University of Coimbra (FCTUC), is now preparing an exhibition to be held between 19 and 21 of March in the exhibition center of FIL, in Lisbon, on the initiative MotorClássico. Between March 27 and April 26, will be the turn of the Dolce Vita Coimbra to receive the prototype. The Caramulo Museum will feature Eco Veículo at the "Night of Museums", scheduled for May 15. The car will remain on display at the same museum until September 2. Then, it will be in the Motor Festival - International Festival of Classic and Sports Cars – also in Caramulo, between 3 and 5 September.

Shell Eco-marathon 2010 [16-02-2010]

Shell Eco-marathon 2010

This year’s edition of the Shell Eco-marathon Europe will receive 221 teams from 24 countries all around the world. The competition will take place on the 6th and 7th of May and due to the success of the previous edition, the Eurospeedway, in Lausitz, will host the event once again. There, young students, future engineers, will gather and fight a green battle which will have as winner he who can travel the furthest with the least amount of fuel.

Back to the race [16-02-2010]

Back to the race

With only about three months to go until the Shell Eco-marathon Europe, team Eco Veículo continues to prepare its participation in the 26th edition of the event, which will take place at Lausitz’s Eurospeedway, in Germany. Team Eco Veículo expects to then have available an improved aerodynamics package for the XC20 and substantial upgrades regarding its engine, the M3165. On this subject, structural and functional improvements will be introduced such as lower heat transfer levels and retuned fuel injection maps, which will allow for even greater fuel economy. This year, the team will try to push racing number 91 all the way to the top of the ranking.

Eco Veículo exhibited at Auto-Industrial [01-12-2009]

Eco Veículo at Auto-Industrial

XC01i prototype is in exhibition at Auto-Industrial, in Coimbra. The prototype can be visited until January 30th, 2010, Monday to Friday between 8:00 to 20:00, and Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00.

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Team Eco Veículo wins Shell Eco-marathon Youth Challenge UK 2009 [03-07-2009]

Shell Eco-marathon Youth Challenge UK 2009

Team Eco Veículo participated in the 2009 edition of Shell Eco-marathon Youth Challenge UK, held at the Rockingham Motor Speedway, United Kingdom, on June 30th and July 1st, together with another 50 teams.
The team made four official runs, with performances always above 2000 km/L, achieving the first place of the overall classification with a result equivalent to 2306,8 kilometers with one liter of fuel.
This is the first time the team wins an international competition and, once again, Eco Veículo sets a new Iberian record of fuel economy.

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Eco Veículo at Vasco Sameiro Circuit [25/06/2009]

European Shell Eco-marathon 2009

In preparation for the Shell Eco-marathon Youth Challenge UK 2009, team Eco Veículo simulated a competition at the Vasco Sameiro Circuit, in Braga, Portugal.

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